Wednesday, 4 July 2012

4th July dinner - Blue Fin restaurant

We've been really slack with making reservations for restos in NYC and come dinner time on Independence Day, we were stumped with where to go. Since we had been eating a lot of meat recently, we thought we could go to a fish restaurant so asked concierge for some recoms. Unfortunately, the place they recommended was close on 4th July as was the other places I had come across on the net. Eventually, we decided to head out and try our luck at Shake Shack (one of Norie's fav places in the city for a burger). Unfortunately, the queue was out the door so we went with plan B and headed to Blue Fin restaurant, a fish place which was in the W hotel near Times Square. There is an entrance to the resto from the hotel reception which is how we entered. We waited for someone to seat us but alas, no such luck. By the time we managed to flag down a waiter who was walking by, he then told us to head to the other entrance where someone would seat us.......and what exactly is the point of having an entrance by the hotel reception then??

Dinner was pretty solid but not cheap. Note to self: do research if coming again on 4th July as some restos will close on that day.....
Jumbo lump crab cake with pickled vegetables and aioli. Crab cake was 95% crab which was impressive and yummy :)

Salmon with shrimp and asparagus risotto - nicely cooked salmon and very sweet shrimp. Risotto was undercooked.

Peach, blackberry and nectarine crisp (ie. crumble) - OK but too sweet for my taste and a bit stodgy to finish off a meal.

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