Friday, 6 July 2012

Undocumented food binge

Recently, I have noticed that I am reluctant to take the camera out for food pics if I am sharing a meal with friends whom I haven't seen in a long time. I find that I have just been too caught up in the moment catching up instead of documenting what we are eating (which has led me to think if I should carry on blogging about food, esp. resto visits but thats for another time). One such night occurred during our trip in NYC where we were meeting up with a couple of friends for dinner. Since the weather was still searing hot, we plumped for sushi for dinner at Blue Ribbon. This was to be the first and last of pics for the night :(

Blue Ribbon is a small sushi resto in Soho with a reputation for serving super fresh fish and high quality sushi. Dinner was lovely and we shared a large plate of sushi and sashimi. When it came to ordering some more food, I was hoping for some yakitori since I thought I had smelt some cooking in another part of the resto. Unfortunately, upon perusing the menu, Blue Ribbon does not serve yakitori. No worries, my friend Norie then suggested we can go for yakitori elsewhere which was close by so we settled up and went in search of some grilled meat! :)

After a leisurely walk up to the East Village, we managed to bag a table right at the very back of Yakitori Taisho (felt like the scene out of Goodfellas when we were being led to our table!) and feasted on some yakitori as well as some of Norie's recoms, fries with roe mayo and stir fried glass noodles!!

Now you would think after all this eating, we would be done for the night but no! We decided to turn into pure gluttons and headed to a dessert place called Chikalicious for some sweet treats. I plumped for some soft serve and cupcakes (the latter which I had to get a doggy bag for) - everything was really yummy and some of the best cupcakes I have ever tasted, an achievement in itself as my loathing for cupcakes is well documented! 

Apologies for the lack of pics but if you do happen in NYC, I do recommend you check out the restos mentioned in this post. 

More importantly, it is worth remembering that food is best shared with friends and if that means at the expense of a few food pics, then so be it :)

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