Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Slummin' in Soho: Balthazar and Ceci Cela

Brekkie is not included with our hotel room which means an excuse to find some yummy food to kick start the day :)

We made the trek from Midtown down to Soho for a late brekkie at one of Keith McNally's restos, Balthazar. The place was cavernous; again, there was no problem with us securing a table (it was a Tuesday). There was too much choice on the menu but I finally settled for brioche french toast and bacon whilst JD went for steel cut Irish oatmeal (think porridge) and tartine (ie. slice baguette with butter and jam). Service was attentive and courteous (bar the front of house who took us to our table who had 'tude galore). Everything was tasty and there was a lot of attention to making this as slick an operation as possible (spreadable butter, water fountain tall enough for water bottle to be filled); like Bouchon Bakery, I couldn't help but think that it was just French cuisine executed very well. Of course, the French don't do brunch or Oreos so I guess this comment is more directed at the "bread" side of things.
Me "testing" foam on JD's cappuccino!! Foam looks good but erring a bit on the dry side :)

Takeaway bakery next to the resto where we went for a pit-stop after me spending a ridiculously long time at "Sur La Table" on the opposite side of the street (pondering whether to buy a mandoline or not!)  

Our amblings later on in the day took us East where I managed to track down Ceci-Cela patisserie (the same place which inspired Won's sister's place!!). Very bijou and very French - I was "under orders" to try their almond croissant - OK but not as great as I had expected :(

Our afternoon ended with no lunch (we're encountering the problem that it's just too hot to be eating 3 meals a day) but a quick snack from a taco truck nearby - nice (am sure there are better, the chef at this truck was too busy shooting the breeze en castellano with his Latino customers before I was lucky enough to warrant his attention) but no salsas on either taco despite the server asking me what I wanted, mmm.....

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