Sunday, 8 July 2012

Semi-documented post - Freemand and Jade Island

Thanks to Norie (again!), JD and I were able to experience that very NYC tradition, Sunday brunch :) 

This time, we headed downtown to Lower East Side to a place called Freemans. The address says Rivington Street but thats only the entrance to the alley (Freeman Alley) which you than walk down to the resto. Not exactly the location where you would expect a resto but there it was and it was heaving with people also!

Apologies for no pics cos again, there was a friend gathering which was so much fun - yummy food (mostly American stuff) and great company, it was just a shame that we didn't get the chance to meet up more often as our group of 8 - I guess thats what happens when everyone leads such hectic lifestyles so these moments are to cherished :)

We then spent the rest of the day with my other good friend J and her bro hanging out in Central Park, (including checking out a food truck which sold waffles!!) before heading out to her part of the city and having dinner at her dad's workplace - you may recognise it as this place (hint. one of the very few tiki lounges left in NYC)! Very interesting to be able to experience "Chinese food for Westerners American style"! :)
Loving the cycling caps - gaufres and cycling, quintessentially Belgian! :) 

Haha! Pineapple surprise :)

The equivalent of our prawn crackers - deep fried spring roll wrappers served with plum sauce and Chinese horseradish

Mixed starter - very meat oriented including chicken wings, chicken strips and spare ribs. Not as many sauces compared to their European counterparts.

Kung Po chicken - peanuts instead of cashews :)

Fried chicken vermicelli - we tend to use egg noodles for chow mein :) 

Fish fragrant aubergine - the US use the long, thin purple aubergine as opposed to the fatter, blacker ones we have. The purple one are definitely tastier and more tender.

Fillet of beef (or filet mignon) with veggies

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