Friday, 20 July 2012

Port House Dundrum

Our first Friday night out in the Emerald Isle took us to Dundrum to catch the latest Batman movie. Luckily for us, the shopping centre did offer numerous dining options and we plumped an evening of tapas at the Port House. A very extensive menu, with food tasting fresh and very quickly served. Remain unconvinced by the layout of the resto (large chimney in the middle with two tiny gaps on either side for access, one of which was a till area and the other hard to get by even with a normal person sat at the table, never mind a slightly fatter person!) and tables could be a little bigger - we had ordered so much we were practically having to eat and hold plates of food at the same time....
Poor design

Luckily, the food made up for the cramped surroundings - marinated anchovies and olives

Assorted croquetas - mushroom, chicken and ham. Ham was probably the best with the other two a little too stodgy.


Tortilla with txistorra

Pan amb tomaquet

Patatas bravas

Grilled lamb chops - yummy!

Roasted haddock - delicious and fresh fish


Baked Sierra Nevada - nice idea but too cloying and over-sweet

FYI, do not go to the cinema in Dundrum - the seats are so low that there are booster seats available out front, thought babies only needed these??

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