Saturday, 7 July 2012

Keens Steakhouse

I first heard about Keens from an episode of "No Reservations" a few years back. The food looked so tempting that JD took his bros and dad there when they were over in NYC for a stag weekend and it did not disappoint.

One of the things we wanted to experience on this trip was to go a proper steakhouse; as usual, I did do my research but in the end, could not find any conclusive evidence on where the best place in town was so we plumped to go to Keens. Keens is unlike steak places that are in London (Hawksmoor, Goodman); the decor is much more traditional and looks like things haven't changed much since it opened in 1885.

Service was courteous and helpful and food was pretty solid too. Definitely not cheap but well worth a visit for a special occasion :)
 Starters of Maryland crab cakes and Caesar salad. Am such a sucker for crab, think I will need to get down to Bal'more some time to experience the real thing. We've also been blown away by how good Caesar salads are on this side of the pond :)

Porterhouse for 2 with sides of fries and creamed spinach (and no! JD is not saying grace in this last pic despite his "holier than thou" pose!!)

Loving the little touches which make Keens unique.....some paper for your to make notes about your meal.....

Haha!! Life is more fun with drinks and desserts :)

In the presence of antiquity :)

Love that you get to sit next to a bust too :)

The dreaded bill :(

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