Monday, 2 July 2012

First NYC dinner: Blue Smoke

Our dining aims in NYC are pretty simple - try and eat stuff that you can only get in the US. As most folk know, it is pretty difficult to get delicious American BBQ on this side of the pond so thats what we tried to track down for our first meal. Blue Smoke had been recommended to me by a former employer who used to live in NYC and after much trawling through the net for BBQ places in the city, Blue Smoke was where we ended up heading.

JD and his siblings/Dad had tried to get in for dinner the last time they were in NYC but were met with a massively long queue which they refrained from joining (and somehow ended up in a not-so-appetising Indian vegetarian resto for dinner instead!). Luckily for us, we were going for dinner on a Monday night and got seated straight away. 

Apologies for the lack of photos due to a combination of jetlag and lots of catching up with my friend Norie whom I hadn't seen in a long time :)
Norie and I shared the rib sampler for two (it looked pretty manageable at the beginning, 5 ribs each. By the time I had reached my 4th rib, I had hit my "rib wall"!!) JD plumped for the pulled pork platter which he managed to conquer!!

We shared spicy cheese fries and sauteed spinach

Too stuffed to try anything else sadly so no starters or desserts!! The food was tasty but am guessing that we did not try the real deal when it comes to BBQ......more likely to be found in the Southern states :)

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