Friday, 6 July 2012

NYC institution - Katz's Deli

Probably best known around the world for "that" scene from "When Harry Met Sally" but also renowned for their pastrami sambos :)

For first time visitors (like us), one enters the deli and you will be met by someone at the front door who gives you a couple of ticket stubs. You have a choice of seating; there is waiter service if you choose to sit by the wall (top pic) or you order yourself at the counter if you sit in the middle (bottom pic).  We chose the latter and as it happens, we were sitting one table in front of the one which was used in "When Harry Met Sally" :)

There are different stations at the counter depending on what you want to order so be careful to look! (I stood like a muppet at the wrong station waiting for someone to serve me tea/coffee) Remember to take your ticket stubs to each station so the server can note down what you have ordered.
My order of pastrami on rye. The servers are hilarious; mostly Latino but with the thickest Noo Yawk accents! Having placed my order, I stood around like the hapless tourist I was. A plate was placed on the counter with a couple of slices of pastrami. I carried on standing around some more until my server shouted, "Dat's for yoo, baby!" Aha!! A sample plate! I only managed to have one slice before the real thing appeared in front of me and I quickly refrained from finishing my sample plate when I realised how much more I was going to have to eat!! 

The pics don't do it justice but these sambos are HUGE!!!! This is my first time eating proper pastrami so don't have anything to reference it too but boy! it was soooooo good!! The meat was tender, juicy and full of flavour and perfect with rye bread with mustard. 
Alternatively, you can opt for a Reuben (like JD) which is pastrami, sauerkraut and melted cheese :)

Afterwards, you head to the exit where you hand over tickets stubs and settle up. Although Katz's is on the itinerary of many a tourist, it did not disappoint and the food was truly delicious.

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