Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Following my culinary adventures out East, I flew back to freezing Blighty and spent the week mainly jobhunting and doing some last minute prep work and practice for wedding cake no. 2. Come the weekend, JD and I decided to indulge in one of our favourite past-times......going for grub! We had thought about going to an Italian in Soho called Bocca di Lupo which is currently one the "hot" places to go at the moment but fussy moi wasn't particularly bowled over by the menu. In the end, I plumped for a small Japanese restaurant near Camden called Asakusa. It had been recommended to me by a friend almost 5 years ago but somehow, I had never got around to trying it until now (すみませんノリコ!). Anyway, we finally made it on a cold, wet Saturday evening and were not disappointed. Food was great, we ordered lots as usual and also had a great view of the sushi chef at work as we were sitting at the bar - will definitely be coming back again! :)
Some hijiki seaweed - apologies for crap photo!

Vegetable tempura - hot, light and fluffy batter coating juicy chunks of veg, yum!

Seared beef served with ginger, radish, garlic and soy sauce - great flavour combo but meat rather bland if eaten on its own.

Grilled mackerel (delish and good for you!)

Chicken tonkatsu - resto had ran out of tori kara age so we went for tonkatsu. Massive portion and most importantly, very yummy!

Eel roll and spicy tuna roll

We ended the meal with a big steaming bowl of udon each - ah!! Noodle heaven!!

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