Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Desserts galore!

Passion fruit mini-macarons

Mini-raspberry financiers - each raspberry half is hand glazed with neutral glaze for the polished effect.

Trays of petits fours: financiers, caramels (courtesy of Jacques Genin), passion fruit mini-macarons, apricot and passion fruit pate de fruit.

Petits fours and pre-dessert - cherries, creme anglaise, mini ile flotante.

Coconut parfait with dacquoise on the bottom and chestnut cream on top served with marinated raspberries.

Chocolate and pear fondant with blackcurrant sorbet - cooked "a la minute".

  Lime souffle - cooked "a la minute" also, served with yuzu cream slice and lime sorbet - dried ice for that "dramatic" effect!

Chocolate marquise served with clementines, milk chocolate foam and blood orange sorbet.

Roasted pineapple with coconut ice cream and passion fruit espuma (decor is made from isomalt, nice looking but not very tasty!)

Salted caramel delight on a piece of joconde with white coffee ice cream and pointy hazelnut decoration.

After dinner chocolates from Jacques Genin - had to tell the other staff what flavours they were, talk about me being a JG stalker!!

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