Friday, 4 December 2009

Marathon eating with friend - Sift

Final destination for Sunday was Sift - the owner is apparently ex-Per Se. They have a couple of outlets in HK and are generally known for their cupcakes - we decided to head to their dessert bar to have a sit-down sweet feast on a very wet Sunday evening.

Dessert bar can only fit around 10 people max? There is an outdoor area at the back but not exactly suitable on this particular night!

Oreo cupcake - pleasantly surprised, full of flavour, not too sweet and not too much frosting either! :)

I don't know if the name "Ispahan" has been trademarked by PH but was still shocked to see someone having the balls to use the name on the menu??!!

Out of curiosity, of course, I had to order Ispahan!! Quite different to PH, served in a cocktail glass with lychee ice cream, raspberry foam and 2 little mini macaroons. Don't think the lychee ice cream was a good idea, would've been nicer as a sorbet instead. The macaroons were fine but lacked that rich rose aroma that is so familiar with the original. As a former stagiaire, its amazing how protective I suddenly feel over Ispahan!!

Tarte tatin - uneventful and not even made right, caramelised apples plopped onto a bit of puff pastry - a cop out if there ever was one!  

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