Monday, 21 December 2009


After my mini stage in HK, I had just enough time to celebrate a couple of birthdays - one with my good pal D and a very important milestone it was too as she was turning 30! It was a small bash with some close friends - dinner and drinks at Cafe Gray, a newly-opened restaurant in a new boutique hotel called Upper House, next to the Marriott on HK Island. Delightful company but am afraid to say that the food was beyond poor therefore no need for pics!

The other important day was Ma Chan's b-day - we decided to go for a non-Western meal to celebrate given my previous disaster at L'Atelier so headed to a Korean resto recommended by my friend D in TST called Sorabol. Had a yummy meal, great company as usual and a lovely b-cake to end the meal with courtesy of one of my new friends at Caprice, 多謝 Fai 

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