Friday, 4 December 2009

Hanging out with friend - Sushi Sawa

Following Dragon-I, we didn't hold back on our Sunday gorge-fest and proceeded to a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Sawa in Causeway Bay for dinner - very small place with a focus on sushi and sashimi. Good quality food and prices are reasonable too!

Small appetisers of fish roe cubes with wasabi mayonaise - very moreish!

 Refreshingly tangy seaweed salad

Marinated jellyfish (not very Japanese!) and Japanese hijiki seaweed

Raw oyster served with scallion garnish and light vinegarette - first time eating raw oyster and it wasn't too bad, tasted very fresh. Would've preferred if it was a little smaller though.

Some type of firm white fish sashimi (sorry, dunno the name!) - very tasty and think served with some ponzu dipping sauce.

Shrimp sushi - very similar to sweet shrimp except these ones are fresh and not frozen - on the recommendation of our waitress!

We were supposed to get the fish head from the fish used for our sashimi deep fried - the chef completely forgot and chucked it away so they offered us some deep fried fish skin instead.....really delicious, hugely addictive and highly unhealthy but so terribly yummy when dipped into mayonaise! :)

Abalone sushi - mmmm!

A signature dish of the resto - baw tsee (aka. marble). Sushi rice topped with fatty tuna, sea urchin and fish roe - prefect taste of the sea!

Soft chicken bone teriyaki - so good!

Beef and tofu hotpot - we ate a lot!!!

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