Thursday, 17 December 2009

Desserts continued

Mango cannelloni stuffed with banana on coconut dacquoise, served with pabana (mango/banana/passion fruit) sorbet 

Special assiette of desserts conjured up on the spot by chef
(chocolate tart, raspberry millefeuille, yuzu macaroon)

Onto lunchtime desserts - mandarin millefeuille. Chef asked me to help make these - he had to re-make my 1st one, oops! Bit the bullet and made a perfect one the 2nd time, osez!

Blackcurrant and apple parfait

Minestrone of tropical fruits with ile flotante

Hazelnut dacquoise, lemon mousse, served with salted caramel ice cream

Mandarin creme brulee, served with chestnut parfait

Chocolate brownie with poached raspberries

Apple and raisin millefeuille with blackcurrant cream, served with yoghurt sorbet

Chocolate tart

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