Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dinner with family friend in Tai Po, NT

Had a very typical HK dinner in Cantonese restaurant with one of Pa Chan's golfing buddies in Tai Po, typical meaning:
  • Restaurant is the grand looking type, located in a shopping mall.
  • Restaurant serves mediocre food in comfortable surroundings at relatively expensive prices.

Giant crab means one thing - hairy crab season has arrived!!

Poached prawns - peel and dip into soya sauce

Roast duck

Stir fried "gai lan" (aka. Chinese broccolli)

"Fish fragrant" aubergine hotpot - there's nothing fishy about this dish whatsoever. Just a tasty hotpot with aubergine and some minced pork in a mildly spicy savoury sauce.

Pa Chan's craving for a curry - Asian style lamb curry with some flatbreads

Some sticky rice with preserved meats - waited an age for this!!  

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